Animated Quickie #4 – Try This

Woo the best Animated Quickie yet. Again, these are supposed to be short and rough animations so don’t expect anything too great, but I think this one is pretty great. Although I do believe that out of all of our Two Frames Studios Animated Quickies that this particular one could have stood for a bit more inbetweening when it came to the frames. On another note. That’s the first time I got to use inbetweening, so I am incredibly happy. #ArtGoals

About The Animation

Hehe okay the best thing about this animation is I got to use my super amazing voice for once. It was cool. So awesome, sound stuff takes a ridiculously long amount of time, but it is really worth it. An animation just isn’t complete without sound I tell a what.

Two Frames Studios

The man behind Two Frames Studios from the first frame to the last, which in this case I guess is the second. When He/We/You isn't posting up new stuff on the website you can find him meditating on the philosophies of life, happiness, and the universe around us....or desperately trying to draw better.

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