Animated Quickie #5 – Battle Slash

Damn! You! After Effects! So this is the first Animated Quickie made by Two Frames Studios that features an animation that was dropped into After Effects. This is also the time I realized that I know absolutely nothing, not a thing, not a gosh darn thing about After Effects. In fact, if I wasn’t on the phone with a friend at the time I more than likely would have spent another half hour trying to export the darn thing to only realize that the great Two Frames Studios equipment struggles just a bit with rendering. Although this was rough, even rougher than the usual Two Frames Studios stuff, it was a great experience in After Effects .

About The Animation

I have no idea why I always write this part second since I pretty much describe the animation at the top, but enough thinking or typing aloud. This scene has a really nice featured image….and that is about it. Funny enough it is incredibly unfinished. Even the models in the animation aren’t finished. In fact, the model has transparent underwear. Really fun to make though so enjoy our 5th Animated Quickie

Two Frames Studios

The man behind Two Frames Studios from the first frame to the last, which in this case I guess is the second. When He/We/You isn't posting up new stuff on the website you can find him meditating on the philosophies of life, happiness, and the universe around us....or desperately trying to draw better.

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