Animated Quickie #6 – Cookies n Cream

Ohh so there is a story behind this animation. We, and by we I mean Two Frames Studios and the good people at 1Motion Media were demonstrating animation to some interested youngins. Of course the 1Motion Media guys were doing the traditional thing, but your folks at Two Frames Studios decided to bust out the good `ol fashioned tablet and Flash. The end result was this animation, which got kind of crazy. It was originally supposed to be just a cookie dunked in milk, but it got out of hand.

About The Animation

Okay, there isn’t much to say about the animation besides the aggressiveness of the milk and how it has an impact on society, modern culture and the perception of forced companionship that we have to suffer through everyday of our lives being human beings in modern society.

Really though the thing that I like most about this animation is that it was a request. It’s fun to see what a person comes up with, even if it is yourself, when given just a loose idea.

Two Frames Studios

The man behind Two Frames Studios from the first frame to the last, which in this case I guess is the second. When He/We/You isn't posting up new stuff on the website you can find him meditating on the philosophies of life, happiness, and the universe around us....or desperately trying to draw better.

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