Animated Quickie #7 – Attack of the Kirblets

Oh ho! Now we are getting into one of the latest and greatest Animated Quickies in the series so far. Attack of the Kirblets is a great animation that has art provided by  good friend of Two Frames Studios. Not only that, but the After Effects work isn’t COMPLETELY horrible. Still rough, but hey that is the point of the Animated Quickie after all. It is all about experimentation, sweet, sweet non-judgmental experimentation.

About The Animation

What are Kirblets? No clue, but I like the name. This animation was fun because it allowed me to do some action scenes. In the near future, I plan to be creating many more action scenes because although they take a ridiculously long time to create, they are incredibly fun to do and the end result is always amazing. I will admit that one of my problems with this Two Frames Studios Animated Quickie is my inability to hold the camera and images steady throughout the animation. Some things move when they shouldn’t and that just goes to show that Two Frames Studios needs a lot of improvement in the video editing department, but hey we are working on it.

Comment below and tell us what you think of Attack of the Kirblets, a continuation of the video with improvements might be on the horizon soon….no promises though, Two Frames Studios is not good on keeping promises.

Two Frames Studios

The man behind Two Frames Studios from the first frame to the last, which in this case I guess is the second. When He/We/You isn't posting up new stuff on the website you can find him meditating on the philosophies of life, happiness, and the universe around us....or desperately trying to draw better.

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