Badass Character (Couple) of the Month: Yuno and Yuki

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Sorry for the delay. We at AMG Portal work hard to bring you good content, but sometimes life gets in the way. Right now life is lying on the ground though dazed so before it gets back up I am going to give you guys the next BCTM. Now this usually means the next Badass Character of the Month, but this award is for February, a time of love, togetherness, etc. Instead of a badass character this is the first ever Badass Couple of the Month. Who is the winner of this coveted award? Who showed the best example of love this month? What two people deserve to be together for eternity? Well let me introduce you to the February BCTM Award Winner…


So what are the properties that make this couple amazing? Why is it that these two insane and off-the-wall crazy get this award for being badass. Well if you haven’t checked out the series, check out the Mirai Nikki Review on the site. If you have seen the series then let me tell how these two are the definition of badass.

They Proved that Teenagers Can Killed Highly Skilled Murderers with Darts and Axes

Mirai Nikki is about a battle royale that involves 12 people fighting to become God. Yuno and Yuki are two of the youngest kids in the battle, but they seriously kill everyone. Not with ingenuity and know how though, but with good ol’ fashioned stabbing and killing. It is clear the power of love is in the works, because there is no way a serial killer and trained terrorist would freak out when a kid throws a dart at them.

They Killed Billions of People in Order to Stay Together

Man what says love better than a few good stabbings? Screw Bonnie and Clyde these two teenagers put them to shame. Not only did they kill people, but the fought a police force, a terrorist, and four teenagers that didn’t know how to mind their own business. It gets even worse though. Both of them end the world and let everyone in the world die. When they are in love the only two people that matter are them, seriously.

Yuno Killed Herself Just to be with Yuki

How far would you go for love? Would you kill for it? Now wait…would you become God, go to another dimension and kill yourself just so you could be with the same guy? See with Mirai Nikki both Yuno and Yuki were in the battle royale, which means somebody had to die. No double suicide here though, instead Yuno decides to just create the same exact world and do the fun murdering process all over again.

Despite Everything that Happened They Still Had Sex

Okay one of the biggest moments in Mirai Nikki is when Yuno keep telling Yuki that the two of them “become one” on a specific date, or more importantly they do the horizontal monkey dance. (sex to you squares). There is a HELL of a lot of stuff that happens in Mirai Nikki. I mean schools get exploded, parents die, murder happens, I think Yuno shoots one of Yuki’s friends with a crossbow. Seriously a crap load of stuff happens, but despite all of that, and I do mean ALL OF IT. They still get together and do it. The world literally ending around them as it happens. What makes it even more interesting is the pillow talk that comes after.

Their Love Transcends Dimensions, Armageddon, and Gods

Deep down past the murder, betrayal, kidnapping, and stalking Yuno and Yuki have a great relationship that is surprisingly strong. Despite Yuno hiding a few corpses and some secrets from Yuki, Despite Yuno telling lies to Yuki just to get him to cooperate, despite Yuno following Yuki and breaking into his house. Despite….okay Yuno is one crazy chick, but after all of that Yuki still loved her, and he showed it; By saving her and sacrificing his life for her more than once, but what makes it all worth it. What made it all amazing was the fact that in the end, after all of the fighting and torture, they finally ended up together. That is why the winner of this BCTM Award is……

Fighters, Lovers, and A Couple of Badasses

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  1. I loved reading Mirrai Nikki, such a twistest, freaky, what-the-heck kind of manga. Yuno is such a badass, finally a heroine who can kick butt without being needy or a crybaby. And her obsession with Yuki-kun was….somewhat very very strange but awesome at the same time XD

    Have you read the new story by the same mangaka? If I recall, I think it’s called Big Order.

    1. I do too! It has been so long since I have seen something like Mirai Nikki, something so new and fresh. (at least to me). I like how Yuki ended really showed his true colors in the end and how he emotionally matured. I would write articles on it every day if I could. I haven’t checked out the series yet, but I do plan on doing so soon.

      1. I agree! I think the story is so new, refreshing and original! The ending was really touching, and it just concluded the story so perfectly!
        XD It’s an amazing thing to write about because the story is just so exciting!

        🙂 I bet you will love it ! Do you have any other mangas you recommend? I would love to read new mangas!!

        1. Hmm I just finished Bakuman, it is from the same people who made Death Note. It is a great series that tells you a lot about how the manga world works. There is also a nice romance in it, and a lot of amazing characters. Holyland is really good too. You should check the review on the site and see if it is something up your alley.

          1. Bakuman was amazing! I really enjoyed the manga. I was really touched on how complicated the manga world is, especially to the mangakas.

            I haven’t read Holyland before! I’m going right to your review now !! 😀 Thank you so much!!

          2. I am glad you liked Bakuman! I haven’t met a lot of people who have checked it out.

          3. I’m glad to be able to talk to you about it as well! Yes, not many people know about it. I know alot of people who just read “popular manga” instead of reading a manga based on it’s storyline.

          4. Yes I am hoping that this site gets at least one person to look at something besides Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece.

          5. Agreed. I think the big three are coming to an end soon. I never got really into One Piece though….don’t know why

          6. Bleach is definitely ending. Naruto is ending….unless he starts fighting ninja beasts on the moon or something. I love One Piece, but the pacing is kind of slow. I spent a summer watching the whole series in order for me to really get into it.

          7. Naruto always seems to be able to strech it’s story off….now it’s about Madara past, and some childhood memories.
            Yeah, I guess it’s because I stopped when Robin was introduced (yes, I’m that far back)

          8. There is a lot of stuff going you haven’t seen yet then. What really got me interested were the battles that came after Robin. One Piece takes a long time to build up, but when it pays off it pays off BIG.

          9. Ahhh, now you’ve got me curious.
            Should I shouldn’t I? What chapter is it up to now?

          10. Around 700. Read the manga and power through. Don’t be like me that is way too many hours to watch anime at one time.

          11. hmmm….700 chapters…which makes me only capable of reading say 10-20 chapter a day… that’ll probably take me around a month and a half to complete. My gosh! How long has this manga been out??!

            XD ahaha, I will take that advice!

          12. It has been out about 10 years. I think Oda said that is only about halfway complete since the time skip.

          13. O.O halfway complete…is he headed towards the world record of most published chapters?
            Well, I don’t think One Piece’s popularity will die out anytime soon. I believe it is the #1 sold manga. Wow.

          14. Probably. He has competition though. George Morikawa made Hajime No Ippo 20 years ago. It is 1000 chapters long and still going. You should check it out. There is a review on the site for it too.

          15. Ahhh yes, how could I forget about that. The manga with over a hundred volumes. Seriously, how do mangakas come up with these scenes and scenarios. It interests me what is going through their heads.

          16. Bakuman gave a lot of insight on that. Really good series!

          17. Ah yes, that arc was quite informative.

            Although I would like to continue our conversation, I believe I have become unable to keep my eye open XD
            Until next time! I hope to talk to you again soon 🙂
            Good Night and try not to think about the whole zombie thing!

          18. Cya most dedicated commenter.

          19. Thank you again dedicated master blogger 🙂

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