Badass Character of The Month: Professor Hershel Layton

Badass Character of The Month: Professor Hershel Layton

Hershel Layton is the most badass character to hit a Nintendo system since Link from the Legend of Zelda and the best part is that he can talk! So if you don’t know. Hershel Layton is the titular character in the Professor Layton game series, a series of games on the DS and 3DS that simply involve you going around solving puzzles and helping people throughout the world, but in this simple puzzle game resides a true badass.

 This guy never Stops wearing his top hat

So you may be wondering why is wearing a top hat badass? Well, imagine wearing it during a sword fight, in an abandoned mine, in a city full of robots. Imagine wearing while: someone is trying to kill you, under the influence of a poisonous gas, and traveling through time. He never lost it once. Hell I can’t even go five days without remembering where I place my keys.

 He Gets the Girl All of the Time….and doesn’t even care

If there is one thing that I never understood about Hershel Layton is that he always gets the girl. I guess the uncanny ability to solve puzzles makes you attractive or something, but the guy is always admired. One particular moment is in the Professor Layton Movie in which this girl is basically saying that she wants him and the guy just stares off into the distance. If you think Layton doesn’t get the job done you should note that the guy has a son.

His Movie Doesn’t Suck!

Go watch it and then be glad there are video game movies out there that aren’t terrible.

 He Fenced Against a “Vampire” and won without even hurting the guy.

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I….I don’t even know why I should explain why this is badass. This isn’t some Twilight vampire. (No I don’t have anything against Twilight I am simply appealing to those who believe the definition of a strong vampire is not sparkling, which I somewhat agree with.) This is a guy with a sword who is seemingly immortal who is trying to murder Layton and the guy basically goes. “Oh well guess I am gonna have to kick some ass tonight.” (He didn’t really say it, but he was thinking it.)

London would suck without him.

You and I both know it is true.

He is so smart this is all pretty much a game to him. (See what I did there?)

So there is something I realized playing the Professor Layton games and that is that about halfway through the game Hershel Layton pretty much knows how everything is going to go down. He pretty much knows who and where the villains are and how to stop them. At this point in the game he usually sits back quietly and let events unfold and then when the time comes he springs into action and starts being badass. In all honesty though he could probably handle everything and solve the mystery in no time flat.

Professor Layton is the kind of guy that people wish they could grow up to be simply because of the fact that he has it all: women, fame, and the ability to change the world while sipping a cup of tea and all from solving puzzles. If there is one man on a Nintendo console that truly honestly deserves this award it is……


November BCTM Award Winner - Hershel Layton

November BCTM Award Winner – Hershel Layton

A Gentleman, A Scholar, A Badass.


  1. Just got into Layton now – why have I waited so long? The man is truly a badass!

    1. I feel the same way when I played the first game and instantly started playing the other two. He is the definition of badass and hopefully we see him on the 3DS version of smash bros.

      1. Brilliant if he was in a 3DS version of Smash Bros. But how could you knock off that top hat of his!

        1. I am assuming that his final smash is him taking off his hat and as he does so the screen turns black and then anybody in front of him just spontaneously flies off the screen.

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