Badass Character of the Month – All Might (My Hero Academia)
BCTM Award Winner - August 2018

Badass Character of the Month – All Might (My Hero Academia)

BCTM – Badass Character of the Month – All Might (My Hero Academia)
Welcome to 2018 Folks! Now let me break it down to you. The BCTM or Badass Character of the Month Award goes to a character that represents the true essence of badass in their respective series. With that being said, I think it is only right to introduce the first BCTM award winner of 2018 as…..

Toshinori Yagi aka All Might!

It HAS to be All Might. My God, he is literally the representation of absolute justice in the series. Yes, I know the series has Eraser, Bakugou, Todoroki, Tokoyami, Froppy (2nd best girl), etc, but the truest badass of them all is All Might. Now let me explain why! (spoilers ahead)

“I Am Here!”

One of the first big hero moments of the My Hero Academia series involves one of the best moments of All Might. After learning that the League of Villains targeted his students in search of him, All Might crashes onto the scene and simply declares “…I am here.” Everyone, the villains, the teachers, the students, the damn nomu, EVERYONE stops in awe of what they just witnessed…All Might has arrived…and he is pissed! Not only was this a huge point for the character, but for fans alike as this was one of the scenes that really helped springboard My Hero Academia to mainstream popularity.

“Pizza Delivery”

I am DESPERATELY trying to make sure that I don’t make every entry into All Might’s badass list based off of a quote, but All Might has so many awesome scenes that involve just a few words. When the League of Villains successfully kidnaps Bakugou, they believe they have him safely hidden away. While trying to get Bakugou to join their side a sudden knock on the door happens. The words “Pizza Delivery” are said and everyone just pauses for a moment before All Might crashes through the freaking wall on the other side of the room! It’s insane! It’s freaking insane! Again, what follows is not just All Might, but a team of heroes decimating the League of Villains in a matter of moments before being saved by All For One.

United States of Smash!

All Might doesn’t have the most complex moves. His attacks are a series of strikes named after different states followed by the word smash. It’s not the attack itself that is badass, but the buildup around it. United States of Smash has only been seen once in the series so far. To illustrate just how strong an attack this is, the one hit was enough to completely defeat All For One. Mind you, this is a character who almost murdered some of the strongest characters in the series in a matter of seconds. All in all, it’s a pretty badass punch.

“You’re Next”

My Hero Academia does something impressive as a shonen series. The series doesn’t excel in fights, but more so the moments surrounding them. It’s never about winning a single fight, but about being a hero. All Might did two things with his simple “You’re Next” line. The first thing was to denote to Deku that he was next up to be the Symbol of Peace, and that All Might was done as a hero. The second thing was a warning to all of the villains out there that they will be taken down by heroes and that evil will never win! The people cheered, they cried, and All Might reminded everyone why he is the #1 Hero.

He Revolutionized the World as the Symbol of Peace

In My Hero Academia, being a superhero isn’t an act of altruism, but a job. You save people, you get paid, and you go home. The original idea of superheroes, these larger than life people who struck fear in the hearts of evil people everywhere, simply didn’t exist. That is until All Might came into the picture. All Might changed the landscape of the hero industry. He wasn’t just the number one hero, but the representation of peace itself. He was the light upon a hill and all evil had to hide within the shadows or be blinded by it. Even Stain recognized that All Might upheld every criteria of a true hero, someone who is selfless, heroic, and focuses on making the world a better place for the people he swore to protect.


That is why I am happy to declare the BCTM Award Winner as…

All Might, Badass Character of the month, BCTM, My Hero Academia All Might, Symbol of Peace
BCTM Award Winner – August 2018

A Hero, A Mentor, A Symbol of Peace and Justice.


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Think someone else should be on this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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