Badass Character of the Month: Erza Scarlet

Badass Character of the Month: Erza Scarlet

Yosh AMGers,

If this is your first time checking this out, let me give you the rundown. The Badass Character of the Month or BCTM award is a special thing here at AMG Portal. Every month we pick a character for our theme and we award them for being a true badass amongst badasses. Their acts of butt kicking are so astounding that we have to talk about them. This month’s BCTM award winner is special. Not only is this the first Badass Character of the Month for the year, but this is also our first female BCTM award winner. So without further delay, let me introduce you to the January BCTM Award Winner…

So why in all of action anime did this girl in seduction armor win the coveted BCTM Award? Why would an award that every anime character wishes and dreams of winning someday be given to Erza Scarlet? Well that is what I am here to explain. So let’s count the way that Erza is a badass amongst badasses.

She Can Beat Anyone

This isn’t just a generic term. I honestly think Erza could beat anyone in the series of Fairy Tail. Not because she is strong, but just because of the fact that she is a freaking beast. I mean she transforms instantaneously and beats the heck out of her opponents. She blocks cuts from different dimensions, slashes through steel, and she even has telekinesis. She was trapped inside of a card and still managed to break out and win. If that isn’t enough, she beat herself, from another world. I don’t even know how that is possible. Seriously how do you beat yourself in a fight?!

She Has More Transformations than You Can Count

Any Fairy Tail fan can tell you that Erza has a hell of a lot of attacks. Her power is requip and that basically means she has the right to put on any type of clothing she wants and any weapon she wants and beat the hell out of you with it. The fact of the matter is, she has ran through several pieces of armor in the series and the funny thing is that she doesn’t even need it. In fact, she is strongest when she doesn’t use armor and her attacks can even cut through steel with just the force of air.

She Can Wield Swords with Her Feet

She fights with her feet!

So being able to wield two swords at once is something that practically anyone can do in the world of anime and there is even a guy in One Piece who wields three swords at once by carrying the other in his mouth. Well Erza outdoes all of that by being able to kick the crap out of people with her feet and these aren’t random wimpy attacks either, she does some powerful foot sword wielding throughout the series. In fact, she doesn’t just do it once, but twice and each time her opponents go wtf just happened and instantly regrets fighting her. Seriously, the minute you go against someone who can kick the crap out of you and cut you simultaneously, you know that they are a badass.

Performed a Feat so Amazing that the Author Couldn’t Even Draw It

I don’t know if Hiro Mashima did this on purpose or his pencil just couldn’t draw what he had imagined. At one point in the series, Erza takes on 100 of the baddest monsters in the whole show. The author doesn’t even bother to draw what happened. All he does is draw reaction shots and they are essentially every character in the whole series looking with their mouths wide open at a feat that you can only imagine is too graphic for human eyes to see. At the end you see Erza stand up raising a sword in the air and everyone cheering her on like the true warrior she really is. Erza Scarlet is simply a character that you cannot hate. She is strong, independent, and a hero in every right. A badass isn’t just someone who is strong, but it is someone who truly stands out for doing things that no one else can. That is why the winner of the ever coveted BCTM Award is….

Erza Scarlet – BCTM Award Winner

A Hero, A Warrior, A Badass.


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