Blood Lad Review: It’s To Die For! (Please Forgive the Pun)

Blood Lad Review: It’s To Die For! (Please Forgive the Pun)

Blood Lad is only 10 episodes long. That’s all I can say about that. The series is about a vampire and a werewolf and a ghost and an interdimensional transporting girl with large breasts. You know same old anime stuff.

Yup same old same old.
Yup same old anime stuff….

The vampire, whose name is Staz, because you know…..that’s a name. Is obsessed with Japanese culture, especially anime and manga, which means that you know he is an otaku. Of course, what is better than an anime about an Otaku? Nothing! That’s what. After all, we finally have a representative for our unparalleled love of Asian girls…I mean anime. Staz meets a girl named Fuyumi, well she accidentally finds herself in the demon world and she dies.

Woot ghosts.
Woot ghosts….yeah look at those ghosts. I’m sorry no more fanservice!

That’s pretty much the plot of the series for Blood Lad and it is actually pretty good. All of the anime references are amazing, and the Otaku vampire Staz is a funny character as well. One of things I enjoy a lot about the series is that it is kind of a reverse of the usual demon going to the human world and crazy hijinks happen. I know what the human world is like. The fact that most of the series is spent in the demon world, Staz’s home is a lot more fun.

Look at all of this randomness.
Look at all of this randomness.

Now! Let me get to the fact that this series is only 10 episodes long….THIS SERIES IS ONLY 10 episodes long. That’s shorter than No Game No Life! And I am horribly upset about the shortness of the series.

Outside of that, I really like how the series offers a lot of fan service to anime fans. You will more than likely catch at least one or two references to an anime series. They really push the Dragonball Z references quite a bit.

Seriously. They really push the references.
Seriously. They really push the references.

If you want a fun series to check out for a short period of time, you know to hold you over until the next episode of Sailor Moon Crystal, then this series is definitely worth taking a look at. Also, if you like this series I really suggest you check out The Devil is a Part-Timer.


  1. definitely a good anime but I don’t think it’s to die for. just my opinion though xD

    1. Forgive me! I did it for the puns!

      1. well you said that in the title xD. nothing to sorry about. lol

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