Dimension W Review – Because We All Need a Cute Robot Girl in Our Lives

Dimension W Review – Because We All Need a Cute Robot Girl in Our Lives

First of all, I just have to admit that the ONLY reason I even watched this series, besides the fact that it was on Toonami, is the anime’s opening. Something about the main character getting his two-step on in a slightly longer than expected dance sequence completely captured me. Heck see it for yourself.

Now that the series has ended its 12 episode run on Toonami, I figured it was time to review it and give my much requested opinion on it.

So the premise of Dimension W is that in the not too distant future a fourth dimension is discovered, called Dimension W. The new dimension has an endless supply of energy and devices, known as coils, are used to draw that energy out. Bounty Hunters, known as “Collectors” have the job of confiscating illegal coils, which are unregistered and are used for illegal purposes. Enter Kyouma Mabuchi, who is a coil-hating loner that stumbles upon a robot girl named Mira Yurizaki. When Mira’s father vanishes, Mira decides to join Kyouma to follow the illegal coils per the instructions given to her by her father.

Thus the buddy cop series begins!

Dimension W Review

Well…it’s cute. Dimension W definitely uses the old trope of big mean strong guy who never opens up to his partner and the happy go lucky girl who wants him to let her in since they are partners and they have to work together darn it!

The story has an interesting premise. Something about a world that has access to limitless energy is nothing short of intriguing and the fact that we come into the series where the unlimited energy has pretty much been fully accepted by the world, but still has unknown elements to it is fairly interesting, but that’s where the interest kind of peters out.

When you strip away the new environment, the characters are just kind of the same. A illegal coils case takes an episode or two and in the process of that case the story slowly progresses to Kyouma starting to deal with the reason why he is a big jerk and Mira coming to understand the truth behind the illegal coils, but there is no real big punch to it.

Perhaps this is a consequence of the series only having 12 episodes to get its story across, but it never really draws you in with that high level of impact and storytelling. When a series has such a limited number of episodes, it is pretty much a movie and you have to keep everything tight and concise to really draw you in and keep you invested, but Dimension W just doesn’t do that.

Dimension W – The Verdict

Dimension W is by no means a bad series and besides from a few trope-y moments, (walking in on someone using the bathroom for example) the series kind of just comes and goes. It doesn’t really do anything new in its storytelling, but if you’re looking for a new series to wet your whistle then you should at least give it a shot.

Special Notes

  • The English dub is pretty good
  • Kyouma uses magic string needles to fight
  • Robot girl has a tail….if you’re into that sort of thing
  • There is an accompanying manga series for those that prefer to read instead of watch.

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