Paraysite : The Maxim- Its Misspelled on Purpose this Time

Paraysite : The Maxim- Its Misspelled on Purpose this Time


An alien species has come to earth and has knocked humans down a link on the food chain. The problem is that they look just like anyone else. Shinichi, a high school boy, becomes a host to an alien named magi. They trapped in the middle for a battle for earth supremacy as they come to grips with the hand that they were dealt.migi

In the first episode a guy’s face opens up into a pit of teeth and blades… That’s the best way to start about what I like. The first couple of episodes were so weird and bloody that for a while I really could figure out if this show was actually good or just made for me. The visuals is the strong part of the series. Particular the character designs of the parasytes (I have no idea why they spell it this way). They stretch, produce blades, and really stand out in comparison to this super normal looking world. Even when they are disguised as humans, when you look into their eyes they never look quite natural.open_wide

Shinichi and Magi both have a compelling character arc as they try to find there place in the world as they evolve. Having them grow so much is what separates parasyte from any other shonen show. At the show’s core it is about Shinichi’s humanity and how he deals with being less then human, and Magi’s transformation from a parasite focused on self-preservation to a friend. Paraysite is a bit deeper then most shonen anime, which I really appreciate. The story is well paced and constant cliff hangers kept on pulling me in week after week.migi_away

I only have two miner nitpicks, and they are in the last two episodes of the series so spoiler waring. I don’t like a the way the main fight ends. Shinichi and Migi are saved by a coincidence. Generally, I would consider this a larger issue, but it ties in so well with the overall theme of the series that I have to excuse it.

Parasyte: The Maxim just nails it on all fronts and I would not have any trouble recommending it to anyone that can put up with the violence. Every thing about it works like a well oiled machine so that’s why I gave it the Official AMG Portal Seal of Approval!

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