Samurai Jack Review – There’s Always Hope

Samurai Jack Review – There’s Always Hope

God damn I love Samurai Jack. – It’s okay, the show is for adults now so I can say that.

Samurai Jack is a damn mythical beast in animated series. It is a dream many children never get to realize, which is a longtime favorite of a series having a conclusion.

In a world of sequels, prequels and reboots, there’s never been a greater time to see a story come to a conclusive and decisive end, which is what we got with Samurai Jack Season 5.

Now, I can’t really say this is a proper review so much as it is me just wanting to talk about how I feel about the ending of Samurai Jack and the journey throughout.

Samurai Jack is by no means a perfect series. In fact, some people don’t take too well to its slow drawn out pacing, but to me it is  brilliant example of visual storytelling.

An excellent use of music, comedic timing, dialogue and visual design makes Samurai Jack its own unique thing, not just a cartoon, not some form of anime, but a series, a story that is being told that people want to see the conclusion of, which is what we got.

For nearly two decades we’ve all wondered if Jack made it back to the past or not and season 5 of the series revealed that it took 50 years for it to happen.

While Season 5 of Samurai Jack may not have been as long as I wanted or told the story how I imagined it would go, I can’t deny the fact that I enjoyed it.

the thing that made all that enjoyment possible though was the very last scene.

Samurai Jack has always been a series about a lone warrior, a solitary creature who is assailed with one failure after the other, whether that failure was his own doing or the universe simply giving him a task far too difficult for any one man to complete.

Jack has always been forced to make a decision where he has to do for the better of others and not himself, but still carry on without losing hope.

In fact, the entirety of this 5th season of Samurai Jack was Jack regaining the hope he’d lost after 50 years of battling with Aku.

But at the every end of Samurai Jack, for a brief moment, he finally got everything he ever wanted.

Jack defeated Aku, he removed evil and finally returned to his family and found love.

BUT even in that moment, Jack could not get everything he wanted. As he prepares to marry Ashi, she disappears before his very eyes (as if someone recently watched Gurren Lagann or something! NIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA) and Jack realizes that without Aku exist, Ashi too can never exist.

Jack once again finds himself alone, despite returning to the past and doing everything he has set out to do.

But, in the very last moment, Jack smiles and he stands, looking out into the landscape, seeing a bright future, a hopeful one, something that truly encapsulates what this series is all about.


What better lesson one can learn from a series than knowing that holding on to hope even in the darkest of times is what allows us to prevail. Jack has lost everything he has ever cared for time and again, but still, even in the last moments of the series he looks forward to a bright future.

I believe, that out of everything that’s the perfect way for this to end.

Not with a celebration, not with a dead or defeated Jack, but one with Jack showing that no matter what happens to him, he will never be broken. That’s what makes him strong, that’s what makes him a hero and that’s….

While not the perfect series, Samurai Jack is a beautiful example of an animated story being told from start to finish.

What makes him Samurai Jack

A great ending in my opinion, if you thought differently let me know in the comments below.

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