Badass Character of the Month – All Might (My Hero Academia)

All Might, Badass Character of the month, BCTM, My Hero Academia All Might, Symbol of Peace

BCTM – Badass Character of the Month – All Might (My Hero Academia) Welcome to 2018 Folks! Now let me break it down to you. The BCTM or Badass Character of the Month Award goes to a character that represents the true essence of badass in their respective series. With that being said, I think … Read more

Teppuu: The Iron Wind also Rises

Teppu revolves around Natsuo Ishido, a high school freshman that is naturally good at anything she does. One day she runs into Yuzuko Mawatari recruiting for the mixed martial arts club at her school. Like so many high school girls, Natsuo decides that she hate Yuzuko’s guts after one glance. After a heated sparing match, Natsuo vows … Read more

Let The Games Begin! Why There Are So Many Tournaments in Shounen Manga

 There are two things in shounen manga that I can always expect. The first thing is a time skip and the second thing is a freaking tournament! I swear every series I run into there is a tournament and it places everyone together in a huge brawl in a surprisingly regulated series of battles, … Read more