The Devil is a Part-Timer: Better than Minimum Wage

The Devil is a Part-Timer: Better than Minimum Wage

So I know it has been a while, but I really wanted to make you all proud with this review, but that is no excuse. So as an apology. Boobs!

Forgive me now?
Forgive me now?

Okay! Now on to the review!

Summary: In another dimension the Devil King Sadao is only one step away from conquering the world when he is beaten by Hero Emilia and forced to drift to the other world: modern-day Tokyo. As “conquering the world” are the only skills the Devil King possesses – and are obviously unnecessary in his new situation – he must work at a local fast food restaurant, MgRonalds to pay for his living expenses. (Source: AnimeNewsNetwork)

Satan is pretty cool in this series, yes I know what that sounds like, but I actually really like the main character. I think it says something for a series to take evil demons, put them into McDon….err I mean MgRonalds and have it be so entertaining. Of course, I have to dock points because the series definitely pulls the trope thing. Everyone loves Satan….err Sadao and he almost starts to develop a little harem. I particularly like Shiro or Sadao/Satan’s right hand man and general who gets transported to Tokyo with Satan. He is definitely a fun comic relief character and he can really break the tension.

Satan is definitely a Go Getter in this series. That's just fun to say.
Satan is definitely a Go Getter in this series. That’s just fun to say.

The main girls in The Devil is a Part-Timer, Chiho and Emi have really contrasting personalities. BOOBS….err I mean Chiho is a high school girl who blatantly has a crush on Sadao. She constantly tries to ease herself into his life and she admires him greatly. One of the best things about the series is that Chiho only knows of Satan as Sadao and Sadao is a pretty nice guy. While everyone else sees him as a dark general, Chiho just seems him as an employee at MgRonalds…albeit a really cool employee.

On the other hand Emi or Emilia is the girl from the other world who followed Sadao to Tokyo at the cost of most of her magical power. She also sees Sadao in a different light and becomes a little confused. Although she knows of him as Satan, the man who destroyed everything she knows and love, she also sees Sadao as just a genuine nice guy who keeps saving the world.

See! Look at those whacky shenanigans get into. Oh Satan, you.
Man! Look at those whacky shenanigans they get into. Oh Satan, you.

The overall plot involves a lot of corruption from both sides. It’s hard to think that the church or Satan’s generals are good. The series really puts a lot of emphasis on how good and evil can be skewed based on perception. The fact that all of this happens in Tokyo and centered around parodies of famous fast food restaurants just makes it better.


And it creates all of these super cute moments. I mean...seriously....look at that!
And it creates all of these super cute moments. I mean…seriously….look at that!

I personally recommend this series, especially if you want something light and funny. I’ve recently watched a heck of a lot of depressing anime, such as Black Bullet, and this really brightened up my day. That and Nisekoi (Team Onodera/Tachibana for life). So check it out.

Hehe I Just thought this was funny.
Hehe I Just thought this was funny.

If you have seen it, let us know what you thought of the series in the comments below.

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