Two Frames Portfolio – Hiro Edition

Two Frames Portfolio – Hiro Edition

Hello everyone! My name is Hiro… erm well that’s my pen name anyways. Welcome to my portfolio! A little about myself… my art focus is anime, though I do draw other types of art from time to time. I am self taught, I have been drawing for many years, and I’ve only recently become confident enough to post my work. I’m still learning and by no means a professional, but still I am proud of my work. Just as with most artists, I hope to make a living off my art some day, but for now while I am an adult with adult responsibilities, my art is just a hobby. I only recently became an artist for Two Frames Studios, but the creator and I go back a  few years. Together we will make a living out of our art, or die trying!!! Anyways, I hope you enjoy my art and I hope you will continue to support Two Frames Studios!!

***Disclaimer*** These are either fan art illustrations, or original illustrations/comics I have drawn. I’ve put a lot of work into these, if you like the work and feel the need to share it, PLEASE credit myself and cite the Two Frames Studios website!!


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