Two Frames Portfolio – Hiro Edition

Hello everyone! My name is Hiro… erm well that’s my pen name anyways. Welcome to my portfolio! A little about myself… my art focus is anime, though I do draw other types of art from time to time. I am self taught, I have been drawing for many years, and I’ve only recently become confident enough to post my work. I’m still learning and by no means a professional, but still I am proud of my work. Just as with most artists, I hope to make a living off my art some day, but for now while I am an adult with adult responsibilities, my art is just a hobby. I only recently became an artist for Two Frames Studios, but the creator and I go back a  few years. Together we will make a living out of our art, or die trying!!! Anyways, I hope you enjoy my art and I hope you will continue to support Two Frames Studios!!

***Disclaimer*** These are either fan art illustrations, or original illustrations/comics I have drawn. I’ve put a lot of work into these, if you like the work and feel the need to share it, PLEASE credit myself and cite the Two Frames Studios website!!


Two Frames Studios

The man behind Two Frames Studios from the first frame to the last, which in this case I guess is the second. When He/We/You isn't posting up new stuff on the website you can find him meditating on the philosophies of life, happiness, and the universe around us....or desperately trying to draw better.

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