Deadman Wonderland Review: Great Series, Bad Prison

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In our first ever Badass Character of the Month article we talked about Ganta Igarashi. Ganta is a 12 year old kid that went from being a regular boy to a blood firing badass that can’t be beat. That is just one person in this ridiculously awesome prison based series. There are a great deal … Read more

Badass Character of The Month: Ganta Igarashi

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Yosh, Welcome to the first ever badass character of the month. So what is the coveted BCTM award? The badass character of the month is a character that is in a game, manga, or anime that is the very definition of badass. We try to look deep down and find a character we feel represents … Read more

7 Billion Needles Review

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Ever heard of it? Neither have I! When I finished 7 Billion Needles I was completely satisfied. The series had a nice resolution and a good pace to it. With that being said, in all honesty there isn’t anything ground breaking in this series. That doesn’t mean the series isn’t good, it just doesn’t have … Read more