Why Do You Still Watch Anime?

Why Do You Still Watch Anime?

On the latest episode of Portal Podcast (after another hiatus), Garfield and I discussed a very important question. We acknowledged the fact that after several years we are still watching anime. We asked ourselves….why?

(If you have an hour….or just scroll to the last 20 minutes….check it out)

Now if you’ve read any of these articles on AMG Portal, such as Badass Character of the Month, Reviews or even the Lists, then you know that both Garfield and I tend to take very long deep, hard looks at anime.

For me personally, anime has always fascinated me, with people being able to tell a story and create a world on a flat piece of paper. The way that dialogue is carried out between two characters and so many emotions and feelings are portrayed in simple drawings that move people in real life to tears. To me anime or any cartoon for that matter is just as deep and artistic as a book, painting, movie or even video game.

I will never forget the feeling that I had when Goku turned Super Saiyan and whopped Frieza’s ass.


I will never forget the final climactic battle between Naruto and Sasuke (In the original Naruto series) as Naruto desperately tried to stop his friend from turning evil.

“Even if I have to break every bone in your body….”

Oh...you totally deserved that!
Oh…you totally deserved that!

I will never forget seeing people being brought to tears as they saw A VILLAIN in Hunter x Hunter have a complete change of heart.

I could never in a million years forget how Nami in One Piece, brutally stabbed herself in the arm with a knife, crying her eyes out,as she tried to remove Arlong’s tattoo or how happy I was when Luffy saved his brother!

My arm still tingles when I watch this scene.
My arm still tingles when I watch this scene.

I will never forget jumping in my chair and throwing punches as I saw the second match between Ippo and Sendo in Hajime No Ippo.

Hell how many of you remember? “I’ll take a potato chip….AND EAT IT”

I could go on forever.

I will never stop thinking about the beautiful endings, the unfair endings, the deaths of characters that I grew to know and to some extent love in the 12, 24 or even 100s of episodes of a series.

These moments define so much in my life that it is hard for me to imagine never experiencing them. As we said in the podcast, watching anime is not just about us sitting around and talking about things that are cool or fun, but it is about watching art, a unique art form that comes to life for so many people.

So comment below and tell me, how long have you been watching anime and why do you still watch it?


  1. I’ve been watching anime on and off since I was 6 but I didn’t really start getting into it until I was in my last year of high school. I can honestly say that I still watch it because of the stories, the characters, and the music. Compared to what I’ve seen on regular television anime just has more depth and the characters and stories draw me in. They keep me entertained and also make me honestly think especially when the anime is more emotional.

    1. That’s amazing. I think I started around the same time, but I barely remember. There have been so many series. What are some of the anime that stood out to you the most as you grew up?

      1. The first anime I watched was Sailor Moon! So that is always the anime that I go back to when I’m feeling nostalgic. But Dragon Ball Z and Pokemon stand out at well since Dragon Ball Z got me interested in the Shounen genre.

        1. Those were my firsts as well. Including Digimon and such. I think Yu Yu Hakusho was the first series that I started to watch that wasn’t on TV at the time.

          1. I love Yu Yu Hakusho! I used to watch that show on Toonami along with Rurouni Kenshin! The first anime that I watched that wasn’t on TV was Clannad! That show was amazing although it made me cry.

          2. Toonami is single handedly responsible for getting me into Anime. I can’t believe I still never saw Clannad. I am so behind on my popular anime. But I don’t like to cry lol.

          3. Yes definitely watch Clannad and while it does have its sad moments it also has its funny moments. Toonami I think got a lot of people into anime since it showed both Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z.

          4. I will definitely check it out. Of course! Toonami brought anime to its popularity. I highly doubt we’d have all of these conventions and stuff if not for them. Also, thanks for being a part of the conversation. We appreciate it.

          5. I think that is also true but you are very welcome! Thank you for your post and I will try to contribute to the conversation as much as I can.

          6. Oh that would be amazing! Thank you.

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